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My sewing life and career

Posted on Monday, October 01, 2012 9:23 PM

For as long as I can remember, I have had a pair of scissors and a piece of fabric in my hands. It has now been sixty two years since that very first "try" on the sewing machine, and yet I still learn something new about sewing every working day.

Sewing has always been part of my life, coming and going as the years crept by. Now one would imagine that this must have been something my mother or grandmother may have passed along, but alas, the only thing that ever came from my grandmother was the old "Singer" crank handle sewing machine (minus the handle) my mother inherited when Nana passed away.

The closest my mother ever came to teaching me any sewing, was to break the stick off a lollipop, shove it in the crank handle hole as a makeshift handle and promise me the front part of the lollipop if I cranked the handle for her while she was sewing.

Other than that, nada, nothing, zilch!!

She hated the sewing machine with a vengeance and yet she had the most uncanny knack of taking any piece of fabric, slapping it down on the floor, draping it, twirling it round, pinning it with a few pins - and whalla! a creation good enough to be pictured in Vogue magazine. And yet, like I said, she hated sewing. It was only so much later in life that I realized that she may have been a lousy seamstress/teacher, but would have been a fantastic designer if only she had had the opportunity.

Unfortunately we lived in a very small town in rural South Africa, and in those years (after the war) if you had a job, you held on to it for dear life, and dreams were put on the back burner.

I was absolutely fascinated however, every time my mother took that old "Singer" out of the closet, took a piece of fabric with no shape or form and within a few hours, turned it into something unbelievable.

I often asked if I may try to use the machine, but it was an absolute no-no and strictly forbidden - until one evening when Mom and Dad left us with a nanny, for an evening on the town and I had just received a dress length of fabric from a friend's mother for a birthday present .....and so started my wonderful journey of sixty two years of sewing, sewing sewing and loving every minute of it.

Join me as I venture down memory lane of "haps and mishaps" of my wonderful sewing life, to where I am today enjoying my life by being creative every day and still learning....

but that story is for next time.

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